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2009 Toyota Corolla - oil level is falling without a leak

My car is reducing oil level . There is no leakage anywhere in engine and no smoke in exhaust. Using SM grade engine oil. Car milage is 60,000km only. Suggest me the right grade oil for my car. Its corolla 2009.

Use the oil that is specified in your owners manual.

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How much oil in how many miles?

0.7 lit. approximately. After 1000km.

So… almost a quart in 620-ish miles? That’s not good, not good at all.

How hard have you looked for leaks? If you find no leaks after an earnest hand dirtying, jack involved search then its going out your tailpipe. Either via the pistons directly or via blowby and then thru the intake tract and finally meeting the pistons again.

Your Toyota uses a rather thin oil as specified…you could always go a tad thicker and see if that helps. But with your reported losses I would expect to find a leak. Remove that plastic shield on top of your engine roll up your sleeves and look closely. Wouldn’t hurt to get under the veehickle either…

Hopefully it is not a piston ring issue.