2009 Toyota Corolla - Clicking Front Axles

When I go to Central Florida for business in the winter, the folks there hibernate when it goes under 50.


Maybe, maybe not. Hard to say. When the CV joint failed on my VW Rabbit, there was no prior warning at all. No noises, nothing. The only reason I can offer why the Rabbit CV failed is b/c I mostly drove the Rabbit about town, but the trip where it failed involved a 500 mile freeway drive at 65-75 mph. It failed on a 30 mph rural road about 15 miles after exiting the freeway. It was an inconvenient failure, that’s for sure. Fortunately it was summer, so no cold inclement weather to deal with.

As for the OP’s situation, the only thing we know with certainty is it makes noise intermittently & hasn’t failed yet. I’m not diss’ing your ‘no-worries’ comment, just offering an alternative view of the situation. I’d definitely do something about it if it was may car that I used on a lot of far from home freeway trips. If however it was a car I used mostly for trips not too far from home, I’d just keep a weather ear on the situation, only do something about it if and when it got noticeably worse. I think the OP has the benefit of a wide range of advice here, knows the driving conditions they expect their car to hndle, and can now make the decision to repair or wait themselves.

OP: That doesn’t sound like a differential problem to me. Make sure the transmission fluid is at the proper level and in good condition though.