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2009 Toyota Camry needs trusty mechanic to fix radiator

Radiator leak in front. I need an ASE certified honest mechanic to diagnose my car and give me quote and fix the car. Toyota Camry 2009 XLE. 4 cyl. Thanks Mike

Tap on mechanic files at the top of this site. Check yelp reviews with the caveat that people are more likely to post negative reviews.
Replacing a radiator is not rocket science. But when they do, as preventative maintenance, have them replace the upper and lower radiator hoses.

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You post your phone number on an open web site ( not an advisable thing to do ) and don’t even say where you are located so how do you expect a recommendation ? As Purebred says this is not Rocket Science so the Yellow pages should help you find a radiator shop .

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Where is the leak? If it’s near the top hose connection it might have been caused by bad motor mounts letting the engine move, cracking the plastic. That’s what happened to me.


Ask friends, family, or neighbors for a referral.


I know I will catch heck for saying this; but my relative had the same problem with the same vehicle and he added a can of Bar’s leak for radiators;

he says it never leaked since then and he checks it with regularity;

I guess it all depends on how big the leak is