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2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid - Why do I need an AC Evap box? What is it?

Dealer has indicated that our 2009 Toyota Camry needs the A/C Evaporator Box replaced. Anyone needed this work done before?

That’s a part behind the dash board, never heard of one needing to be replaced. It holds the a/c evaporator coil, the fan blows air through it to cool the interior.

What is the problem? Why do they want to replace it?

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The evaporator coil might leak refrigerant, but the ‘evaporator box’ (a term I’ve not heard) would not. Maybe they meant the evaporator coil. What kind of a shop did the diagnosis? For the $$ involved, I’d spend the money to have an a/c specialist diagnose an a/c leak like this.


Work was performed at the Toyota dealer. Definitely seeking other opinion. On my way now. Thanks for your responses!!

By work, may I assume diagnosed by dealer?
If so, exactly what did it say on the work report?

It would be worth getting the written service report or a better explanation of what they meant. I think they either mis spoke or you mis understood what they were saying. +1 to @texases on his suggestion

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The dealer added refrigerant and oil, plus dye. Their diagnosis was refrigerant was leaking thru the AC Evaporator Box Assembly. This almost never happens according to the Tech at the dealer.
I have located a mechanic that will replace the evaporator then add refrigerant and oil.

While rare for the evaporator to develope a leak, Murphy’s Law is always in effect.

Was there a problem with the AC? Or just something the dealer pulled out of their butt?

The AC was definitely not working properly. The car would not retain refrigerant for more than a few days after being serviced at the dealer.

Again, their diagnostic finding was a leakage from the evaporator.