2009 Subaru Impreza

looking for an Impreza with low miles (under 100K) for under 10K. must be a standard transmission

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This is not a car selling site, go to CarGuru’s or CarMax or Craigslist or one of a thousand other sites.


If $10000.00 is the limit of a person’s budget then why are they looking for an All wheel drive vehicle that may have not had the service attention required . The manual shift vehicles on the market is getting smaller all the time. There are very few areas in the world where good tires on a front wheel drive will not be fine most of the time .

Try our parner site, BestRide.com. In about two seconds of looking I found a 2014 Imprezza with 65K miles and a manual transmission posted for $9,988.

Strongly advise against buying a used Impreza, especially one 9 years old! Unless this vehicle has had near perfect maintenance and care, you could be in for some very mayor and expensive repairs. Our son has a friend who is a very careful Impreza owner, and he will likely keep his until the wheels fall off.