2009 Pontiac Torrent service airbag message

Just bought it and while I was driving on coounty raod I hear some thing bumping in the car and sent a message said that service airbag .
It happened with me twice today and got school cared . I was alone first time and the second time I had a friend with me who got shocked. Lukelky my kids where not with me . I don’t trust it to drive on highway now . I called the dealer and said it has no recall and I must pay to fix it . It has almost 141000 km meter on it and a clean title

This is a good example of the benefit of paying a mechanic to look over a used car before you buy it. The airbag message light is telling you something is wrong with the air bag system and likely will not deploy in an accident. Always wear your seat belt as airbags are considered supplemental restraints.

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