2009 Nissan Sentra bad idle/accelerate

Thank you to everyone who is on here helping people out. My father and I have loved the show, was glad to see a reliable place to ask for help.
I have a 2009 Nissan Sentra base with 84000 miles that is giving me such a pain. The car has a rough idle and will rarley even die sitting stopped, it also has a rough acceleration feeling like a wind up kind of. The check engine light came on with a p0131 bad o2 sensor. We replaced that and then the rough idle continues even though it has gotten better mpg. Now new code came up p300 and 301 so a random misfire. I am thinking replace the spark plugs and ignition coil but I don’t know if that will fix everything. Also never changed my transmission fluid on my cvt should I or is it better not to? Any help would be greatly appreciated would love to hear any ideas people have or discussion to add.

First off, change it NOW. It is WAY overdue and Nissan has had problems with this CVT.

You have a random misfire P0300 and a specific misfire P0301. Plugs and coils might fix it, might not. Why would all 4 coils dies at once? They likely won’t. Plugs, however degrade over time and might be due for replacement at 84K.

Depends on WHY the misfire occurs and that is the trap many DIY’ers set for themselves. I’d remove all the plugs, check their condition (how they look) and then run a compression test on the engine. I’d then compare the compression readings to the respective plug condition to diagnose the problem. If the engine is mechanically sound… good compression, 10% or less variation high to low, I’d install new plugs - same manufacturer, type and grade as factory and see how it runs.

Only if any codes return - the P301 or any other cylinders, would I consider replacing one or all of the 4 coils. If P0300 returns, I’d look to a fuel problem.

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Have someone clean the electronic throttle body to see if fixes rough idle and stalling when stopped.

As for the misfires?

Could be the plug, COP boot, or a dirty/defective fuel injector.