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2009 Nissan Altima - Post jump issues

Hi guys,
I have a 2009 nissan altima 3.5 se Coupe. My battery had died and tried boosting the car by putting the car in neutral and pushing it but the car would not budge. I manged to get longer booster cables and boosted the car. The car started fine but when i put it in reverse it would not move and same with drive gear. I jacked up the car and rear wheel is not rotating freely in neutral and same with the front wheel. Any ideas?

Off hand, it sounds like the brakes are frozen.

@Purebred, i did think about that but shouldn’t the car break through the brakes if they are jammed.

Depends, if the flex hoses have deteriorated they can prevent the brake fluid flow keeping the brakes locked. But like I said, only guessing.

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The brakes or the emergency brake are the only things that can lock up the rear wheel on a front drive car.

Hey guys, just providing an update. Purebred was right and the brake pads were frozen and the car is now moving =)

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