2009 Mazda Mazda6 - Long list of issues

So I had low transmission fluid and I forgot to put more in it so it was making a loud noise everytime I hit 40mp and when I press on break real fast i hear it to it sounds like a motor cycle it’s very loud and very low knocking I don’t have any lights on in the car I just got a oil change idk what’s wrong with it but I need my car

What you need is a good mechanic to find all the things wrong with you car. Sounds like there are a few.

If you ignore needed repairs, they don;t go away and don’t get better or cheaper. only more expensive and create more repairs.

I do, you broke it.

Unfortunately running an automatic transmission with low fluid will damage it very quickly, based on the noise you reported you are looking at a very expensive repair. I do not understand what you mean when you say ‘I don’t have any lights on in the car’ Does this mean the headlights, interior lights and dash board lights do not work? If so this is u related to the transmission.

ASAP fill the transmission with the proper fluid, take the car to a mechanic and get an estimate for the repair. Compare that to the cost of a new to you car


Low transmission fluid, low motor oil, low engine coolant, CEL blinking, oil pressure light on, temperature gauge pegged out on HOT; all means stop NOW.

An automatic transmission can be damaged in a few minutes with a low fluid situation. All you can do is add fluid and say a silent prayer at this point. Just wild guessing, I’d say that car’s days are numbered.

By lights i assume you mean dashboard warning lights?

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