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2009 Mazda Mazda5 - Starting issues

When I drive my car a short distance (less than 6 blocks) on cold mornings. It has trouble starting again. I park the car in the garage and I have no problem starting it initially. The care has a newer battery and I had the battery checked and the mechanics kept the car for a week trying to replicate the problem. They said they couldn’t make it happened but it happens every cold morning. I had no problems at all since last winter but it has started again. They suggested a new started but since they couldn’t tell me for sure that it would fix the problem, I hesitate to make the investment. If I drive the car a few more blocks in the morning it doesn’t do it so that is what I have been doing. What could be wrong with the car? It has approximately 82,000 miles.

What do you mean by that? The car doesn’t want to crank (the rr-rr-rr from the starter when you turn the key)? Or it cranks, but you have to crank it multiple times to get the engine started?

Also, how many miles on the car? How cold does it have to be to get the problem and does it do this when the weather is warm?

Post back and we’ll try and help.