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2009 Lexus RX 350 - TPMS sensor issues

My 2002 Lexus SC430 TPMS is functioning properly for the last 16 years. However, for my 2009 Lexus RX350, the TPMS warning light came on after my tire rotation. The tire company did the rotation said two of the sensors are not responding and one sensor is low on battery. This happened only after the rotation. Usually how long will the battery in the sensor last? My SC430 lasted for 16 years. What is the possibility that the tire company damaged the sensors? Of, course, I have no proof. Each sensor cost about $85 and now I just check my tire pressure regularly.


That’s definitely a strong possibility given that your RX 350 is now entering it’s 10th year on the road

It’s possible, but not likely, again, the parts are entering their 10th year on the road.

That’s what I do with my Focus too

I’m not positive about this, but I suspect the reason the '02 may have performed differently than the '09 is that the RX of the older generation used ABS-sensor-based TPMS. The Hall effect sensors on the rotating part of your hubs were the tech employed. I suspect that Toyota then switched to a stem-based pressure and temperature sensor that has a battery in the newer model year. Here is more info on the two technologies if you are interested. Just FYI, I own a similar vehicle and when I rotate I have no trouble codes, but when I swap my winter tires and summer tires I do have to re-initialize the system. I own vehicles with both technologies and they both have advantages. The older ABS tech was much simpler, but does not display the actual tire pressure. Because it does not know or care what the pressure is. It relies on rotational speed differences to detect a flat and to comply with the law.

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