2009 Kia Rondo - Corrosion warning

I have a corrosion problem on the sub frame of my car. It is on what I would think is the engine cradle. The corrosion if not caught would break, releasing the lower control arm on the passenger side. This could be catastrophic at worst, but definitely hazardous.

Not sure how to respond since you didn’t actually ask a question. Is this a heads-up for other owners? In any event, take yours to a body shop and see what can be done.


This is a 13 year old vehicle that resides… where? In the rust belt? Perfectly normal. Inspecting for rust damage should be part of everyone’s maintenance on ANY vehicle of this age.


If you live in the Rust Belt where salt is used heavily on the roads (or in a beach house) then there not a car on Earth that is impervious to rust.


Ask a Kia Dealership if they’d be interested in selling you a new Kia, and in return for your business they give you an ultra- good price on your unusable 2009 as a courtesy to you, a loyal customer. That might be the most pragmatic solution to this problem. They’ll be able to sell the 2009 for its parts. Rust problems like this often just can’t be repaired satisfactorily.

If they have any Kia vehicles to sell . Have you not noticed that all brands are low on inventory and they are not selling them at good prices . Most of them have serious ADP ( Additional Dealer Profit ) . A dealer is not in the salvage parts business so they will not give a good price for a rusted vehicle if they even take it .

Good Grief where do you get these silly ideas ?,


The OP might be eligible to purchase a new car, may need to submit an application to see if he is worthy of a new car.

There is a Kia dealer in San Jose with 100 new cars, one near me with 150 but I think they are saving these cars for next year.

We are talking subframe? Replace it with rust free one. Any trans shop can drop a subframe in a heartbeat. They do it every day. Now. If your unibody frame rails are rusted then you are screwed.