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2009 Hyundai Santa Fe fuel gauge doesn’t match the driving

Filled up my car with gas. Drove 5.5 miles each way on the same day. It was snowing therefore a 15 minute drive took 45 mins each way. Got in the car 6 days later and the gas level was at quarter tank.
Weather has been in the 30s and parked in a garage the entire time. What happened for that loss of gas. There is no leakage.

Fuel gauge issues are a known problem for that model. The fix is to replace the sending unit, which isn’t cheap, typically $440. Alternatively, you can simply live with it since the vehicle is 11 years old, and make sure you never drive more than a couple hundred miles between fill ups. Since your Santa Fe has a City range of abut 350 miles that should provide a sufficient margin.

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