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2009 honda odyssey transmission

Just bought certified pre-owned 09 Odyssey with 27K and was aware of Honda’s AT issues [this one has no signs of anything]. Talked with my independent mechanic and was told not to worry about it. But I am wondering if replacing tranny fluid [dealer did a drain and refill just before we bought it] with Honda synthetic tranny fluid plus replace internal [and external?] filters is a way to try and prevent any tranny problems down the road. We’d like to get 150-200K out of this thing. Comments? Thanks.

Probably adding an external transmission cooler would help too. I don’t know what the failure mode is for Honda transmissions, but heat kills transmissions.

The transmission issues with Honda are the early - mid 2000’s. Also they are an issue with the 4 speed unit more than 5 speed unit in your vehicle.

Just change the transmission fluid as prescribed and you will be way better off than majority of folks.

Andrew is right…the problems with this tranny were early to mid 2000’s (about 10 years ago).

If you plan on doing any type of towing or driving around with good load…then an external tranny cooler is a good idea.

Do a drain and refill at least every 30k.

I have a 2002 Odyssey with the original tranny, no problems. I wouldn’t worry at all about a 2009. But, I would:

Change fluid and filter regularly.
Don’t tow with an Odyssey.
Add an extra tranny fluid cooler if I was very paranoid.
Drive gently. Come to a compete stop when shifting between Reverse and Drive.
Drive gently. Don’t drag race the car next to you, accelerate smoothly.

Looks Like Some 2007-2008 & Early 2009 Odysseys Had Some Problems With Torque Converter Lock-Up Judders.
A Quick (2007 - 2009 odyssey torque converter judder) Search Got Lots Of Hits.

I think owners were notified.
The fix for the judder, which is felt between 20 & 45 mph, is a PCM automatic transmission update. Should the problem redevelop after the update then the torque converter would need to be replaced.

If your vehicle is one of those with problems that have been corrected, you should have a punch mark above the third character of the VIN in the engine compartment.

I’d very definitely have this checked out by a Honda dealer using their TSB (07/14/09 technical service bulletin #09-053) and your VIN (vehicle identification number).

If your’s has been reprogrammed, I’d find out what the procedure is for torque converter replacement, should a judder develop.

Technical service bulletins are written for Honda technicians,employees, not for car owners. The bulletin outlines identifying vehicles, problems, repairs, and includes letters to customers and Service Managers.


Just drain and fill every 25-30k and refill using HONDA fluid ONLY.


A Search Tells Me That There Are Lots Of Unhappy Owners. I See That Some Of These Symptoms And Converter Failures Happened Way Before The 25,000 Mark.

Some folks complained about harsh shifting/downshifting after PCM reprogramming, even before they had the converter replacement.

What does one do when they have excessively changed transmission fluid, reflashed the PCM, replaced the converter . . .

Is the problem then solved or will it resurface ? Are the new parts revised or the same as before ?