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2009 Honda CR-V - Radio issues

I get no or lousy radio reception after 10 miles from a major city since I’ve owned the car. My rubber antenna fell off in a car wash so I replaced it with a metal antenna hoping this would help, but no. I did replace the radio b/c the CD player quit working in year 3. This didn’t help nor make things worse. I live in Annapolis MD & get no FM reception & only one AM station. My daughter’s car gets several stations in this area.

Ok, thanks for sharing, did you have a question?

Make sure the antenna wire is plugged into the radio and that the radio chassis is grounded to the car.

If your '09 has bluetooth give up on the radio all together and stream Pandora or whatever service you like. They are free with commercials and about $4 per month without. You can also stream your own collection off your phone.