2009 Honda Civic Front Bumper Problem

Does anyone have any ideas about how to fix a 2009 Honda Civic Front Bumper problem? The bumper is plastic and wraps around the front of the car to the side. I think the high school students know about a design flaw on this bumper because when I go to high school football games, the bumpers are pulled out on the sides. I tried to glue them back in place with epoxy and then even tried super glue but those only worked for a while and then vibrated loose on one side and I think the other side was pulled out by someone because it was not that way when we went into the mall and it was when we came out. I was thinking about some bolts like Frankenstein uses to hold his head on but everything under these bumpers on either side of the car looks like plastic. :slight_smile:

The bumper is damaged. Both sides actually have torn plastic, at the very edge.

That is why the bumper is not staying in place.

Why don’t you buy some lunch for some of your buddies who are more handy than you? I’m sure they can figure out something that’ll work.

Great care should be taken to disable the air bag sensors first. If you are gong to save money by fixing your own bumper, you will lose 4 times that much if the airbags go off!

The airbag triggers are on the frame behind the bumper. The bags are not active when the key is turned off…

First, there is the “Bumper Cover”. Behind that is the “Bumper”, a styrofoam and plastic support structure for the Cover. The Cover attaches to the Bumper with various plastic clips and fasteners. A Body Shop may have a solution to your problem in less than 5 minutes…Or visit a “U-Pull-It” salvage yard, find a similar Honda, and practice on it…

You’re gonna have to improvise and reengineer a little or take it to a ma and pa body shop where they will repair it and not replace and repaint the bumper cover.

  1. Inspect the attaching method for the bumper cover to the fender. Bolt, plastic fastener, tabs, etc. to see what is torn or what is salvagable.
  2. Go down to an auto parts store such as NAPA and get some appropriate sized plastic push pins from the display rack.
  3. Remove the wheel well cover to gain access to the bumper cover and fender flanges. May have to remove the wheel for that.
  4. Crawl under and either drill new holes through the flanges or use the old holes and insert the push pins to hold the two pieces together in place.
  5. Reassemble everything.

Piece of cake unless you want to spend $500 for a new bumper cover and painting with the same old problems.

You could try some double-sided adhesive trim tape; available at most car parts stores.

Clean the surfaces best as possible, apply a strip to the bottom while holding it down and out a bit, and then mate it to the top; with careful aim.

This stuff usually holds pretty well and should hold the ends of the bumper cover with no problem.
About the only way it should come apart with trim tape is with the use of a razor blade or razor saw.

Not to argue but the trim tape is about 1/16th inch thick and would really make the seam visable. There is a 3M liquid trim adhesive that might have a 50% chance of working but I’d do something more substantial. Had this problem with the kid’s Acura that was getting hit all the time.