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2009 Camry Hybrid mileage

I live in So CA don’t get very good in city mileage in my camry hybrid…maybe 29mpg. Someone told me inflating tires would help improve mileage. What do you all think, and if so what should I inflate them to? Currently have tires that came from factory.

The best thing you can do is look at the owners manual or sticker on the door to see what pressure the tires should be inflated to.

Thank you!

It’s rated for 33 MPG city. 29 MPG would still be in the ballpark. There’s probably nothing wrong with the car.

That’s definitely at the low end. Check the link to see what othr 2009 Camry hybrid drivers get. You need to click the year, make, and model to get to the data. Then click on “view individual estimates”. See how your car compares after inflating the tires.

Don’t over inflate them “just to see”. What you’ll find is that the center of the tires will wear drastically faster than the rest, and then cost money to replace. Keep them at the recommended pressure.

Excess tire pressure won’t help mpg much and can cause other problems. Use the recommended pressures on the sticker on the door jam, and if you want to use 2 or 3 lbs higher that won’t hurt handling of the car but won’t help mpg much either.

If you run the AC a lot, that will hurt mpg as the gas motor has to run to when the AC is on. On mild days drive with the windows open and the AC off. That will make a big difference in mpg. Just use the AC on those hot days when you really need it.

Inflating your tires to Toyota’s recommended specs is a good idea. Over-inflating them is a bad idea.

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