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2008 Toyota Highlander - Steering froze

My 2008 Highlander has over 200,000 miles on it. No major problems (replaced double fans for air conditioner). Yesterday, the steering froze up (wouldn’t turn to right for a few seconds) 4 different times. The first time my foot was on the gas pedal. After that, it was on cruise control. I’m pretty sure it was accelerating the other 3 times. So far, the toyota technician hasn’t found the problem. Anyone else had a similiar problem?

Your Highlander has electronic power steering.,2008,highlander,3.5l+v6,1440247,steering,rack+and+pinion,7388

The problem could be with the steering wheel angle sensor, or the motor in the rack itself.


Dang! I didn’t think electronic steering existed in 2008, at least not in mass market vehicles.

We had a 2008 Malibu with electronic power steering. And…it had to be repaired under warranty.

03 saturn vue had elec boost steering too

My 2000 Honda S2000 had electric steering. Not exactly mass market but…

Thanks! Toyota couldn’t figure it out. It happened after a below freezing temp. night. It hasn’t happened since, so I’m assuming the cold weather had something to do with it.

Check the u-joint in the steering shaft. When they get dry and old they tend to bind, especially when it gets cold out. In your case the joint is at the end of the shaft.

Thank you!!!