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2008 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport - No oil

I had head gasket work done 3 wks ago,was told there was a leak, after 3 weeks there is no oil in it, not smoking. What is wrong?

What is wrong may be that you were told there was a leak and you haven’t checked your oil level for 3 weeks.

And if there is “no oil” in it, the engine is likely destroyed. This is based on what you told us. If you’d like a less drastic evaluation of your situation, explain your problem more fully and tell us more about your car.

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One Subaru story highlighting the brand’s two biggest issues in one sentence. Fill up the oil and start monitoring it. 12 years is a long time for a Subaru.

First of all , have you put enough oil in to raise it to the full mark on the dip stick. Do you not check your oil at least every week on this old vehicle . You may have to return to the shop that you use and pay a fee to check if you have engine damage.

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No oil on the dipstick does not mean no oil in the engine. It does mean major damage may be happening. Did you oil pressure warning light come on? Does it work (come on when you first turn the key to Run, not all the way to Start)?

To find out how much oil is in the engine, you drain it and measure it. If it takes, say, 5 quarts, and there’s no oil on the dipstick after it’s lost 2 quarts, the dipstick is no longer measuring the amount of oil in the engine.

Do what Volvo_V70 says. If it runs OK, keep the good karma by carefully monitoring your oil levels and add as needed to keep it near or at the max level on the dipstick.

How did you discover little or no oil? Engine noise, oil pressure light on, random check?

If the oil was not changed during the HG repair it should have been.

If there are no leaks, the oil was changed and topped off at the time, and it’s now low or out of oil then it’s burning it. No smoke because the cconverter is catching it and turning it to baked carbon; much of which is caught on the converter substrate.