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2008 Nissan Altima - Codes

Price to replace 0043 check engine light on.

Call your local mechanic and ask them. We don’t know (or care) where you live.

This is an O2 sensor failure IF there is actually a P in front of that code. Oddly, a P0043 is the Bank 1 sensor 3 heater fail on the O2 Sensor. I’ve never heard of a 3rd sensor before. Are you sure it isn’t a C0043?

Positive about the number. Took a photo of the scan.
It reads, “Heated Oxygen Señor HeaterControl Circuit Low Bank 1 Sensor 3 - open circuit"
What is an O2 sensor failure? Do I need to take care of

it soon rather than just before inspection?
Have called two shops. Both refused to name a price.

One gave a range $200- 900, dependent on what his mechanic

would tell him is needed. This happened a few days after an

oil change. Am wondering whether that shop triggered the Check


Thank you!

Sensor 3… this is a 4 cylinder, isn’t it? The 4 has 2 cats and 3 sensors!

A heated O2 sensor is about $110 for the part and maybe 1/3 hour ($35 or so) to swap it out. But I don’t know where you live. LA or Kansas City would be very different in price. The heater circuit in the sensor went out so the sensor itself still works it just take too long to come up to temp.

You are likely getting high estimates because it could be more than a failed sensor. The wiring could be damaged. Yes an oil change monkey could have damaged it but they were nowhere near it so unlikely.

The car should run OK but it will not pass inspection.

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And why should they ? They need to find out what the problem actually is , not just what someone thinks it is by a code reader.

Hi, Much thanks, Mustangman. Do love the classic Mustang.
The hourly rate sounds right for here.
The thing is the temp does not seem to have any problem and the weather has been cold.

Does this mean anything?

No, temp doesn’t matter. It is an exhaust heater, so way above air temp.

Thanks, That is what both said. One gave a range, the other would not.
Was hoping to overpay. Guess I’m not going to know.



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