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2008 Mazda Miata drain is clogged

I apparently have a drain clogged by the rear window. Watched all the on-line videos, bought the trombone cleaner, poked it down the apparent hole, but it didn’t come out the bottom. Do I need to go to a dealership?

Do you mean the trombone cleaner hit a blockage, or you kept pushing and reached the end of the cleaner without exiting the drain?

I just kept pushing and the cleaner didn’t appear under the car. However, this morning when I had more patience, I decided to try again. All the you tubes said to push the cleaner toward the gearshift – which didn’t work for me. So, trying all angles, when I pushed it directly toward the opposite side of the car, it worked! Now I just have to wait for a huge rain and see if my feet get wet.

Thank you for your quick response. Although I’ve been a Click and Clack fan for almost as long as they’ve been on the air, this is the first time I’ve posted a question. Won’t be the last!

If the carpet is wet, you risk mold growth and rust. You need to remove the carpet and padding to let everything dry out.

Just a bit damp, you may get by with just leaving the windows open. But if the water had gotten under the carpet, you need more drastic measures.

Instead of waiting for rain… you could use a hose in your driveway. Park the car with windows and sunroof closed, and run water on the roof. Check the drain afterwards, or inside the car, or both.

Good luck.

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