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2008 Lincoln Navigator - Leaks

When it rains water appears to be coming into the doors from rusted areas where the metal rack has rusted the roof and also just started having water get inside to the carpet on the floor of the drivers side

No question posted but there are a few suggestions.
If you plan to keep the vehicle a body shop could replace the roof panel, though there may be rust under the panel.
If you want a make do type of repair until you get rid of it, you could remove the roof rack rails and path the holes.

Sounds like a good candidate for a “Rhino Lined” roof.


Made me think of that thread too. Do the Rhino Liner then get one of the badges they put on Town Cars that had aftermarket vinyl roofs.


Is there room to put Landau Irons on there? And opera lamps, love em. Heck, add crushed velour upholstery and I might buy it.


Are you surprised by this?