2008 lancer gts cranks, starts, shuts right off

2008 Mitsubishi Lancer cranks over starts shuts off within seconds I mean you barely get a full start. I got this car not that long ago she’s driven very great no problems no check engine light I was driving down the road my oil light came on and it’s been on for a couple weeks my car did not get hot there are no codes being sent to the computer I’m not sure if it’s a sensor or if it’s a fuel pump I change the oil in the car myself and the light never came off so I know I have to replace the oil pressure senser does that mean that the oil pressure sensor can keep my car from a full start? Does anybody else know anything about these Lancers that might help with this

The oil lamps is there for a reason. The oil pressure light staying “on” after an oil change is a serious problem. It means that there is no oil flowing inside the engine parts due to a failing oil pump. If you keep running the car in this condition, the whole engine could be damaged. So, when the light is on, tow it to a mechanic to find out the problem and fix it.

In some cars a low oil pressure signal turns off the fuel pump. The fuel pump will run a few seconds when you turn the key to On, before Start, so the engine will start, but once running, stop.



Im going to change out my senser and see were that takes me. I hope your right :v:

Hope so, too. Good luck. Please let us know how it goes. If it goes. You know…

While I would be VERY concerned by that oil pressure warning light, I think that it is possible that this problem is the result of a glitch involving the anti-theft system. I’m not claiming that there is no problem with the oil pressure sensor, but I think it is entirely possible that there are at least two problems with this recently-purchased used car.

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It is not clear from you post, but have you check your oil level recently?

Yes i did a fool oil change myself with filter in my manual it say that the symbol with puls sigh mean add oil i think my oil pressure switch went bad (maybe). it shut off completely (still had acc) on me on i4 i had to cost her off a exit with my baby in the back seat i was not going to be stuck on high way and get waked with my baby in the car. :cold_sweat:

really? what cars would those be?

How do you know there’s no codes being set? I don’t think the oil light can come on without a code from a sensor being sent through the computer

It would help if you spoke and sentences and use some punctuation. You are hard to understand.

I do know you have to take it extremely seriously with an oil pressure light on. You cannot assume that it’s the sensor for the switch. There are symptoms of a car with no oil pressure. One of them is that it won’t start. Oil has to be present between the Rings And the cylinder in order for compression to happen. If it’s been sitting and the oils dream down and you start it and for whatever reason it’s not being pumped up then there is no oil sealing the Rings and no compression and the engine won’t run. The other is that it rattles and knocks like crazy as you can imagine of things aren’t lubricated.Oil doesn’t just lubricate, it takes up space in between surfaces.

You later mention the engine shutting off while you were on the freeway. So which is it? It won’t start or you’ve been driving it on the freeway with the oil light on?

Some GM vehicles had a feature that would turn the fuel pump off if there was no oil pressure.

This was a safety feature where if the vehicle were in an accident where the engine shut off, or if the vehicle rolled on its roof and the oil pressure dropped to zero, the fuel pump would shut off.

This was GM’s idea for safety compared to Ford’s fuel pump inertia cut-off switch.


OP says it cranks, starts, then shuts right off.

I don’t know about anyone else?

But if the oil light comes on because low/no oil pressure, the engine isn’t going to last a couple of weeks.


read my post. she mentions

@Ashlee_Raynor Please repost your problem as it is now you have us a little confused and proofread it also. I think you are low on oil and that should be addressed first . Are you sure this vehicle is telling you when to add oil ?

I think that the light that is on, is not the “Oil pressure” but “Low Oil” light.

@Ashlee_Raynor did say that she had done an oil change and the light never went off.
I think that the “Oil Level” sensor in the oil pan is the problem sensor that needs to be replaced.

She did say that she has been driving it.

I think that there is a second problem as to why the engine is shutting down.
@Ashlee_Raynor did say that the engine shuts off within seconds.

Try this; when you turn the key to start, and the engine starts… rotate the key slowly back to the “Run” position just until you hear the starter disengage. If the engine keeps running as you hold the key in that
half-way position but dies if you rotate all the way back to the “Run” position…the ignition switch is faulty.
You may have to try the above a few times until you find that sweet spot where the starter disengages but you are still in the start position.


Remember that it is possible to have actual low oil pressure even if the oil level is at the full mark on the dipstick. Clogged oil passages, faulty oil pump etc. If changing the oil pressure sensor doesn’t fix the problem a shop can install a shop gauge temporarily, which will tell them exactly what the oil pressure is. If you hear any unusual noises you haven’t heard before (clanking, knocking etc) when the engine is running, don’t run it any more until you get a shop opinion.

Its push to start

Well, that shoots my theory down. @Ashlee_Raynor

Hope you’ve figured this one out.