2008 Jeep Liberty-Problems after replacing water pump

For a while, I noticed that the vehicle would be dripping coolant, leaving a small puddle anywhere it parked. Upon checking it out, noticed that all around the water pump there seemed to be red looking goo so assumed that maybe it was just the gasket was bad. After going through the hassle of taking it off, decided to just replace the water pump as had 200,000+ kilometres on it.

After doing it all, went to drive it the next day and within a few blocks, check engine, electronic throttle control and service 4wd lights came on the dash. The vehicle also seemed to be revving high but yet it was not overheating, fact, it wasn’t even up to temperature.

Haven’t gotten a chance to throw the code reader on it but any ideas of what could have happened or if I messed something up?

Did you purge/bleed air from the cooling system, according to the Jeep manufacturer’s procedure?
If not there could be air trapped in the cooling system and it could cause false engine temperature sensing and overheating.

Which engine do you have? 3.7L?