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2008 GMC Envoy making a loud reviving noise while driving and in park

Need some advice! My GMC Envoy is making a loud reviving sound upon start up and while driving getting louder the faster I go. It also makes this noise while in park. I have Manuel transmission however it almost sounds like the car is in need of shifting to another gear… I’m hoping it’s not an expensive problem!! Haha yeah right… Can’t afford to pay high car repairs, can’t afford any repairs but don’t want to be left stranded. There is no engine light coming on alerting me to a problem. It’s a very loud reviving almost whining sound. Any advice you can help me with is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!

what does the tachometer say? That will indicate the engine RPMs, and it sounds like this it too high. It should read 800-1000 when idling in neutral, after warmup.

What year is the car, what model engine?

4.2LV6 2008. And the RPM’s are under the 1 when idleing hope this helps!! Thanks

Does this truck have a mechanical fan or electric. If mechanical it could be the fan clutch.

Both Mike. It’s electro-mechanical on the “trailvoys”. In addition to the fan clutch, this truck has an electric A.I.R. Pump directly under the drivers seat attached to the frame rail underneath the cabin. These sound like an angry weed whacker when they start to go or the valve controlling its output at the exhaust manifold goes bad. The pump speed varies with engine rpm

You’ll Have To Have A Mechanic Or Some Car/Truck-Knowledgeable Person To Listen To It. Not Much Money? Ask At A Local Auto Parts Store Or 2 And See If Any Of The Guys/Gals Work On Vehicles And Will Give A Listen Free Of Charge.

If the RPM’s are staying under 1000 (1 on the meter) and you hear this “reviving” noise, then it’s not the engine revving up, it’s something else.

Those clutch fans can make a horrendous noise if they stop working.Sounds like a locomotive. The fan is on all the time instead of the clutch disengaging it at highway speeds.

Thank you but it’s an automatic.

I was told it could be the bearings on the alternator or the air condition fan. Benny’s car wags told me that after my oil change.

Does either of those two things make any sense?

Redmama3: I’m still waiting for you to reply: do you see this reflected in the tachometer? So we can rule out the engine?

I was going to say something ,(chortle ) .

Thank you but it’s an automatic.
Ahh, we’re talking about a clutch on the engine cooling FAN not the transmission…