2008 Ford Mustang transmission

What are the most common signs for the transmission going in a mustang? I also just put new wheels on my car and they are 2 inches bigger. Can that cause a problem also? But they fit and been driving fine.

You spent money on larger wheels and tires and now are asking if it can cause problems . Seems like a question that should have been asked before purchase. You did not even say what kind of transmission you have. But transmission problems are pretty much the same no matter the brand so just drive and if it breaks fix it.

Bigger in diameter or bigger in width? Or did the wheel diameter increase from say 16 to 18 inches. The larger diameter wheel is usually paired with a lower aspect ratio tire o keep the overall diameter the same.

Width, no problem, diameter of the tire - well it’s a Mustang so the diameter would need to be huge 'cause these cars come with 27.4 inch tall tires from the factory

Either way the signs for transmission problems are universal - for automatics. Refusing to shift up, very hard shifts up or down, losing a gear entirely. Burnt smelling fluid, trash in the transmission pan and filter.