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2008 Ford Fusion - Any recalls?

08 fusion I think 2.3 are they any recalls on the eng it say oil pressure is good but the oil light flashes and the eng has a ticking sound and its using more oil than it gas ,I need to found out something it’s the only way my granddaughter has to work

To check for recalls go to and enter the VIN number.
Having said that, it is extremely doubtful there is a recall for oil usage.
How many quarts/miles is it using?
What is the mileage on the Fusion?
It is 10 years old, has it been maintained with proper oil change intervals?
Have you looked for leaks?

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Have you verified the engine oil level is correct . . . ?

When you start up the engine cold, first thing in the morning . . . is there a blue cloud from the exhaust?

any blue smoke when accelerating?

A phone call to a dealer will usually get you a list of open recalls plus, TSBs (which you won’t get on a VIN lookup list). Worth a try. “Using more oil than gas” sounds like the end of the road for any engine, but I hope I am mistaken.