2008 Dodge Ram 1500 - Water under seats

Water pools under passenger side rear seat , as much as 3 inches I sealed 3rd brake light , sealed around gps antenna. Carpet also gets soaked . Had into shop for 2 full days , could not find problem . My Ram has a little over 50,000 miles and is in immaculate condition and i would like to keep it that way . Dealer says NO PROBLEMS found i bought new in 08

check for this vent behind seat.
dodge ram 1500 water leaking under back seat - YouTube

if you have a sun roof the drains could be clogged.


Hi n Warrior :
Thanks , I will try that


one other thing I can think of. see if the weep holes on the bottom of the door on that side are clear. if they are blocked the rain drips down the outside of the window filling up the inside of the door then leaking in.


If you haven’t done this already… take a running water hose and run it all over the outside of the truck. Have a helper inside the truck watching for water. That will help narrow down the area with the leak.


I became aware my weep hole in my car was clogged when heard sloshing in the door when opening or closing.

Maybe check the evaporator drain, they tend to clog up and drain to the interior on the passenger side.

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Good ideas above. Esp the idea about someone spraying the truck w/water while you look for leaks from the inside. My first guess is that rain is getting inside the door at the window interface, and not draining out the bottom like it is supposed to do, b/c the little holes at the bottom of the door are clogged. The water inside the door then diverts inside the passenger compartment. Open the door and use a mirror to inspect the holes.

Another possibility to consider, rain water that hits the windshield has a designed pathway to drain underneath to the ground, usually this begins as a little gutter right at the bottom of the windshield. If that path was clogged it could divert the water inside the truck. I had that problem on my Ford truck one time.