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2008 Dodge Caravan Stalls when put into Drive

My Grand Caravan is an SXT model with 4.0L V6 and 6-speed transmission. Vehicle starts fine and all is fine when I put it into reverse, however, when put into Drive, the engine stalls (as if someone turned the ignition switch off).

I was able to get it back into the garage by the engine higher and dropping it into gear…

Am not willing to put it back on the road until the problem can be identified and fixed…


I don’t know, but someone here may have some good ideas. Over the years I have found help at’s minivan forum for questions about my two Chrysler minivans.

First thing to check is fluid level in the transmission. Maybe try low or 2 instead of drive.

Try letting it completely warm up before putting into drive.

Try wiggling every wiring harness you can see under the hood (watch for spinning things!).

Did you find a solution to this problem?