2008 Chevrolet Impala - Revving Cause Damage?

You act as if I couldn’t put a turbo on this motor but I’m pretty sure I have and I’m almost 100% positive That this car performs exactly how I would like it to be i don’t really care if I’m the eyes of you people this is a “family” car but I currently do not have any children and this is the car I’ve had for 3 years now and I finally decided to do something to it all the time and money I spent was well spent

Given this statement alone… you haven’t put a turbo on your car. The key words are “pretty sure”

If the “turbo” is electric, you didn’t install a turbo, you installed a hair dryer.

Go forth and “upgrade” your car, young man.

There’s an entire auto “upgrade” industry looking forward to “helping” you.


There’s an entire auto “upgrade” industry looking forward to “helping” you

Plus taking your money for dubious results.

Considering a universal turbo kit is around $2000, parts only, you should be more than “pretty sure”.


No turbo experience, but just curious about your remark. Wouldn’t an electric blower in the air intake path produce at least some turbo function? Wouldn’t it boost the engine power a little? I’m not suggesting this is a good idea, but it seems like it would accomplish a little power boosting at least.

So I have to be a literary major from Harvard to know what I’ve done to my vehicle ? Yes I’m 100% sure there is a turbo in my vehicle and it’s not a hair dryer it’s actually 4 leaf blower motors ( I do hope you get the sarcasm in all of this)

While there are electric turbos being developed, the products offered for sale are ineffective at best and intake restrictions on average. The electric motors used are quite small and don’t push enough air to be effective. If they are placed between the air filter and the engine, they become a restriction because they can’t move enough air even to feed the engine.

As an example, an engine driven supercharger can consume 20, 40 even 60 hp to make 100, 150 or 200 hp. So the net increase is 80, 110 or 140 hp. Picture how large a 20 hp 12 v DC motor (or 15 kW motor needing 16.5 kW of electrical power) would have to be to create even 80 hp extra at the engine.

The ebay electric supercharger is basically a hairdryer without a heasting element. It isn’t even a leaf blower!


Excellent explanation @Mustangman … thanks.

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I get what your saying for sure there’s no doubt about it but that’s not what I put on my vehicle if I wanted to “rice” it out then I would’ve done those things but I’m 24 I’m past that phase I’m not arguing what your saying is wrong but in this case it doesn’t apply to my vehicle

Let us remember something.
Superchargers are driven by the engine via a belt or gear.
Turbochargers are driven by the exhaust.

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What does apply?

You didn’t answer @Purebred’s comment. Turbo kits are expensive.$2000 and up just for parts. And no one makes a kit for an '08 Impala.

To add a turbo requires extensive fabrication to route all the exhaust gas to the turbo and then out of the car. It requires an intake system to be fabricated, it requires the entire fuel system to be changed, it requires sensors to be changed and controls to be added and a wiring harness to be built to connect all this stuff. It requires the ECU to be completely re-programmed or replaced to control all this. All this is expensive even IF you did it all yourself, FAR more than the value of this vehicle.

Prove me wrong and post a picture.


How much did it cost?

I’m curious. Could you please take a picture of this “turbo”? No offense intended, but you have been pretty vague about the specifics regarding what has been done to your engine. The only bit of information that you’ve given us (the chip that plugs into the MAF sensor) doesn’t exactly instill a lot of confidence.

The turbo that’s lll has been installed is a atp garret gtw series ball bearing turbo which is a UNIVERSAL turbo obviously it took some fabricating to fit the turbo on the vehicle and a picture will be provided in just a second i have to run to my shop just finished putting a metallic red paint job on it yesterday

And overall after the paint job I have $22,000

In a 2008 Impala ? Are you nuts ?


My grandfather gave me this car before he passed so it has sentimental value and that’s my point no one else would dump that much money into this type of car but me I will I wanted to do something no one else really has

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