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2008 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van - CEL and limp mode

I have a 2008 3500 GMC cargo van engine light comes on says reduced engine power and all of a sudden I can’t drive more than about 20 miles an hour. We change the throttlebody,the gas pedal and the module. Do you have any ideas thank you

Get the codes read and post them here.

As you have already found out, just replacing parts gets expensive, seeing that there was nothing wrong with those parts you replaced.


Have you verified proper power and ground at the various parts of the electronic throttle system . . . ?!

I believe they all have 5V reference . . . have you verified it’s good?

Have you verified the grounds are all good?

By the way . . . did you even retrieve any fault codes?

Or did you just replace parts based on the “reduced engine power” warning message?