2008 Chevrolet Equinox blowing cold air

2008 chevy equinox had head gasket replaced and it still blows cold air trying to find out what could be wrong with it now

Air in cooling system?

Agree with @oldtimer-11. Air in the cooling system. It needs to be “burped” out. Sometimes just driving it will eventually clear the bubble, sometimes not. The mechanic that change he head gasket should have done this.

So let me ask you something . . .

Before you had the head gasket replaced . . . for what reason I don’t know . . . were you getting toasty air out of the panel registers?

Besides the advice you were already given, it’s possible you have an issue with the blend door actuator(s)

But first things first . . . check the coolant level. Correct as needed

Start the vehicle and let it get up to proper operating temperature

If it doesn’t get up to proper operating temperature, that’s a problem right there

If it does up get up to proper operating temperature, are both heater hoses hot to the touch? They have to be hot, not just lukewarm

Could very well be an air pocket, as was already suggested, but there are other possibilities

How many miles have you driven since the vehicle was returned to you, after the repair?

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