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2008 Buick Enclave - oil in intake

getting oil in my intake not a small amount eather pvc system sucks put updated valve cover gaskets on my self helped a lot I need to know if there is a know fix for issue no long winded beat around the bush excuse I know a lot about cars the crankcase pressure supposed to be no more than 3 psi I got 3 so I don’t got blow bye due to worn piston rings I know that for sure engine only has 125000 on it I heard reprograming ecu to ajust valve lap helps but buick certified mechanic says it dosnt anyone know a FIX

Punctuation and capitalization would help us tremendously understanding what you are asking.

Oil in intake? So you changed the valve cover gaskets? Why do you think that helped reduce blow-by gasses to the intake?

Crankcase pressure supposed to be no more than 3 psi and you have 3 psi? Right at the limit? Yeah, that isn’t good. You don’t know if you have good rings or not. Pressure in the crankcase can come form more than just blow-by past the rings. It will take a compression test to confirm if the rings are good or bad. If they are good, the crankcase evap system isn’t doing its job. These engines tend to fail their PCV valve and sometimes clog the PCV hose.

Valve “lap”?? You mean valve overlap? Or the variable valve timing? If GM didn’t issue a TSB on that, a certified mechanic wouldn’t touch that.

Yes I read in other forums valve overlap but I didn’t know if it could be done to help was wondering if any else has heard of it. I talked to a gm mechanic he seems to think have to much blow by because of to much crank case pressure said it should be no more than 3 psi and it is only 3 psi at idling should of asked at 2000 rpm he said pistons rings sounds like there worn if there worn at a 125000 then gm really sucks I tryed oil catch can but evidently it can not have any kind of restrictions on it anything I do it don’t like gm should of branded it as a 2 cycle engine 30 50 gas mix geniuses

The updated gasket had a extra amount of rubber to go under rear valve cover pvc valve with 3 small holes in rubber

I might look into evaporate system

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