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2008 BMW 335 - Coolant question

If the coolant tank is empty on a BMW 335i 2008 is it ok to put in pink coolant even though there may have been green in it before? In Austin, Tx

Don’t mix pink and green coolants. If it had green, top it up with green.

You might want to find out why your coolant is low. That indicates a leak to the outside world, or worse, into the engine.


Don’t go by color. You need to use the type of coolant specified by BMW in your owner’s manual.


When we asked this question of our Boston-area BMW dealer when our 2014 X3’s warning light appeared, they said “Put in water.” We refused. We took it to BMW and they put in water. We sold the vehicle and have not looked back. That was just one of the final straws.

How did the cooling system end up completely empty?

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BMWs use a lot of plastic parts in the cooling system and aficionados talk about replacing a long list of parts every 5-7 years.
So if it hasn’t had an overhaul in 11+ years it’s probably time to take a holistic approach (as I also recommend regarding toilet repair).

I would seriously doubt that your vehicle has its original coolant in it. If it does, this could mean you are in for some serious repairs in the near future. It is very possible that the coolant was changed to something different than the OEM coolant.

If your coolant hasn’t been changed in the last year or so, then you are probably overdue for a coolant exchange. If you are not DIY (do it yourself), find a good independent mechanic who will drain the system, check the coolant that was drained to determine how old it might be and what type. Then replace with either the OEM or a major brand universal coolant. As long as the mechanic drains both the block and radiator, you are free to use what ever brand you like.

And then there’s my new Outback. The owner’s manual specifies “Subaru Super Coolant.”