2008 Audi A5 - Does maintenance end?

My 2008 Audi A5 (3.2 L, manual gearbox) is a dream to drive. @155,000 miles, though, I’m wondering how much more life is in her? Any advice about what maintenance I can do to keep her in the best shape? Audi’s maintenance schedule “ended” @ 115k; I’ve been doing routine oil and filter changes every 7-10k miles, and am not burning oil. Am still getting around 22-23 MPG. Thanks for sharing any experience you’ve had with Audi’s, and in particular, the A5 3.2 manual.

No it did not end , you just start over . Instead of a 30000 mile service now you do a 130000 mile service and so on. Just take care of it and hope for the best as no one can predict just how long any mechanical device will function.


^+1. For example, if scheduled maintenance says have the transmission serviced every 30k, keep doing it. If it says rotate the tires every 5k, keep doing it, etc.

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