2008 Audi A4 Heat Problems

I’ve been without heat in my car for about 2 years now and haven’t looked into getting it fixed because I don’t want to pay a fortune taking it somewhere not knowing what’s wrong with it. Any advice is GREATLY appreciated.
Simply my car just isn’t blowing out hot air unless the rpms are up and even then it’s only lukewarm air that doesn’t last long. Was told it could be water pump but my car isn’t experiencing any overheating. I’m thinking heater core or maybe air bubble and lines need a flush. Is there anything I could possibly try myself before taking it in to a mechanic?? Any help is appreciated as winters coming again and it’s miserable without heat.

If you never add antifreeze to your system…that is, if you are not losing antifreeze, then this is likely to be low fluid and/or an air bubble. Go on YouTube for your car and see if somebody has a video.

If getting rid of the bubble does not solve the problem, then the control valve might be bad (I found mine disconnected…not an Audi.) Or, it might be a heater core that is plugged up.
In the long run, you should find a good independent mechanic you trust, and not let ANY problem go this long without a clear diagnosis.

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Does the car come up to the proper temp when running? The middle of the temp gauge…

Are you loosing coolant?

When you move the vent controls on the climate control around does the airflow change locations… defrost, vent from floor, dash ect.

Does the AC work?

Water pump is a reasonable first guess.

Wouldn’t the engine be overheating if that were the case?

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If the water pump was defective… wouldn’t there have been some serious overheating issues over the
2 years that this problem has existed?

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Temp and coolant are fine. AC does work and front and back defrosters work when needed. No problems with directing air flow either

Not always. There might be enough water flow at lower engine speeds to prevent overheating but not enough to squeeze through the small tubes in the heater core.

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Given your answers to my questions… expect a diagnostic fee to even find the problem. This is going to take “hands on” the car to find the problem. You will not know the cost until a mechanic makes a determination.

I don’t think its a bubble because that would have eventually gone away. Not a water pump either as the symptoms are the reverse of a bad pump. Clogged heater core, blocked vent, broken blend door maybe.

Take it to a shop you trust. If you think the shop will rip you off… don’t go there.

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