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2007 Toyota Tacoma alignment values

Whenever I have the front wheels aligned on my two wheel drive Tacoma the caster, camber, and toe are never set at the values the factory book says are the “preferred” numbers. The values are always within the + & - ranges and the technicians say that is good enough. Are they? Or are the techs just unwilling to take the time to hit the numbers right on? Thanks for your help.

They are within Toyota’s range so that is as much time as he will spend on it. I’ll guess you are paying a flat fee for alignment, right? He doesn’t make enough money on that flat fee to make it “perfect.” If you want the preferred numbers, tell them in advance and expect to pay for the time it takes to hit those numbers. I’d guess about double the flat rate.

You can answer that question better than I. Are your tires wearing evenly? Does the truck drive straight and true without wandering? Is the steering wheel straight when you are driving straight? If you can answer YES to all 3, then it is, indeed, good enough.