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2007 Toyota Sienna wiring

I had an alarm installed in my Sienna and the instrument lights that glow when the lights are on now don’t work. I took it back to the installer and now my tail lights don’t work either, although they do come on and flash when I set or disable the alarm so I don’t think it is a fuse.

I am wondering if there is a repair facility I can take the car to other than the dealer where the car’s electrical system can be repaired.

I am going to give the alarm installer one more chance but don’t expect much. I’m afraid to take it to the dealer because they seem determined to charge as much as they can whenever the car needs repair and I fear this may be costly…

Take it back to the installer, have him/her remove it and splice (spliced with heat shrinks over the joint not tape) the wiring back correctly. ALL AT HIS COST.

Then go to an automotive electrical shop where they know what their doing.