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2007 Toyota RAV4 - Shakes

I replaced the battery and alternator recently and the car still seems to run fine except sometimes when I come to a stop it shakes really bad like it’s going to die. I always drive with the radio or cd player on, but noticed it didn’t shake with it turned off. Years ago, I can just hear my husband say it needs the timing or the carborater adjusted. The mechanic said since I only have 82,000 miles on it, it should not yet need spark plugs. He put in a gas treatment called k44 but it still does it. What do you recommend?

Did you tell your mechanic what you were experiencing or just that you thought you needed new spark plugs?

Yes, I told him what was happening.

Then take him for a ride and show him the problem.

If he can’t identify the problem, I’d suggest finding a better mechanic.