2007 Toyota Prius - How to clean injectors

What is the best way to clean the fuel injectors?

Are you having a problem? Please describe it. If you’re wanting just to keep them clean, I’d add a bottle of Techron, and use Top Tier gas.


The best way is to remove them and send them to an injector specialist to clean and balance them. The turn-around time is a bit of an issue, but some may have injector sets on the shelf to send you and yours become cores to be returned for credit.

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Thanks for getting back with me.

I have a 2007 Prius and, although we are still getting on average 46 miles per gallon, we used to get closer to 50. I read that cleaning the fuel injectors was one thing you can do to improve mpg. Any other suggestions?

I’d go with the Techron, make sure my tires were correctly inflated, and check them for any unusual wear patterns that might indicate an alignment is needed. It takes very little to drop mpgs from 50 to 46. My MKZ hybrid gets 36 mpg going home, 40 mpg coming to work, because of the very slight downhill to work.

The 2007 is probably on a second or third set of tires. Tires vary in their rolling resistance. The OEM tires were probably especially efficient in that regard, but most tires are not.

Yep, I switched tires, dropped an mpg or two.

I appreciate the advice!

Mine was the other way… same altitude. Being more relaxed going home (slower), it jumped from 39 to 44 MPG.

The FI cleaner will probably help. It might take 3 or 4 bottles, one at each fill. Even a cross wind can make a big difference in Prius MPG, per my friend. (I think his is the same generation.) He also noticed small MPG differences in the fuel brand he used.