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2007 Toyota Corolla - rust spots

Is it common in this model for the body to start rusting out on both sides right at the bottom in front of the rear wheels? Seems odd that holes would develop in the same spot on both sides…

Not common where I live now but more common in my last state in the US Rust belt.

Why? They are the exact same configuration, except a mirror image. Both subjected to the same road grime and salt. Both are 11 years old. I’d be surprised if the DIDn’t rust in the same spot side-to-side!

That means there’s probably FAR more rust, which you won’t see until the car is on a hoist

I have a 2004. Mine had just started doing that and isn’t bad at all but my rear drivers side panel had to be repaired in 2005 due to the city garbage truck backing into and then again when triying to break ice off during an ice storm in I think 2007 or 2008. I just put Por15 in the rear wells and under the rocker panel and in that corner to see if it helps after sanding it a little. I also got on the inside side of the rocker panel. I’ve seen other Corollas that I can tell are a few years newer than mine 2005-2008 by the differences in the grill and taillights, not all but a good deal are worse than mine.

Thank you for reminding me of one of the many reasons why I left Illinois back in 2007, and haven’t looked back! I remember all of the great-running reliable cars which my family had to junk due to excessive rust.

Now, I live in Arizona, and it is common to see 15-20 year old cars on the road with NO rust or body damage. In fact, even as once-common models such as the Chevy Aveo and Dodge Intrepid/Chrysler Sebring have become rare due to costly mechanical problems, I still see 1987-1991 Toyota Camrys on the road every day. And of course, the 2003-2007 Toyota Corolla is still one of the most common cars on the road here.

I don’t know if you have been but it might help if you’re able to keep it in the garage in the winter. My car has been able to stay in the garage during the last two winters due to a Harley being in storage. The rest of the time my car has spent it s entire life outside, My Mom’s old car, a 2002 accord isn’t driven much anymore and stays in the Garage all the time and has no rust. My grandma had a 1990 that stayed in the garage all the time until she went into a nursing home and then it stayed outside as it was used as a work car for my dad and a spare. When that started no longer being garaged it seemed the body deteriorated rapidly with rust and paint issues with paint peeling off.

Not if that garage is heated. The road salt on bare metal is activated by warmer temperatures. If the car says below freezing it is better protected than moving into a heated garage where the ice melts, the salt water flows and corrosion begins every night.

The Tin Worm never sleeps, it is always waiting for the opportunity to devour your steel bodied car!


We have that exact car and without a spec of rust! Down the street there is one as well with a lot of miles on it and no rust either! In fact, I’ve never seen a 2007 Corolla with rust.

Mazda 3 models start rusting at the back fenders at about 8-9 years. Nissan models are also more rust prone.

You must live in the rust belt, park in a heated garage and seldom wash your car.

My garage isn’t heated. Don’t if OP lead a garage he can use or not, I’ve a lot of other vehicles made around those same years in my area with and without rust