2007 Toyota Corolla - Remote starter killed the car

after having a remote starter installed the car ran rough the stopped running. after checking the fuses the100 amp was replaced put now keeps blowing that fuse. car not running

So take the stupid remote starter off … Problem solved . Your welcome.


You need to find out why the fuse keeps blowing. Clearly something is drawing a lot of current to blow a 100 Amp fuse. There’s probably no need to remove the remote start but something isn’t wired correctly. Fix that and your rough running problem might go away too.

I suggest that you give the installer a chance to fix the problem before you spend any more money.
Call the installer, tell him that he needs to come to your home (or wherever your disabled car is located), and give him one opportunity to rectify his botched installation.



The installer deserves an opportunity to make it right. You learn a little about people when they do things right, and a lot when they do things wrong.


When did your problems start? Ah, the remote starter.