2007 Toyota Corolla fan question

Just got a Toyota Corolla 2007. The fan only works when the engine is hot and stop after a while or anytime the Ac is on, it will work. Can I connect the fan to work directly

So what’s the problem ?

Should I run the fan directly for engine to cool

Normal operation is for the fan to come on only as needed. Are you saying your temperature gauge goes into the red before it turns on?
If so, it could be your electric fan controller is failing.

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Toyota designed it to ONLY operate when needed. Your fan is operating normally. It can be hot-wired to run all the time but why would you want that? You could remove the fan relay and jump across it so it runs all the time.

Works as designed.

You would not want the fan to run constantly. Engines are more efficient when hot. Toyota designed the car that way, so that it warms up faster.

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Okay. Thanks