2007 Toyota Avalon check engine light

i have a toyota avalon xl 2007
only 60000 mile it say check engine light

If it says check engine light, then get the engine checked. That’s what it is for, to tell you service is required.

Take it to your favorite mechanic so he can read the error codes stored in the car’s computer and then fix whatever is wrong.

My last three check engine lights, 2012 Avalon; 1. Low pressure in spare tire, 2 & 3. Mileage reached for oil change.
So it’s not necessarily serious but get it checked.

This may be a confusion caused by a light that sometimes is marked “Maintenance Required”. That light comes on when it’s time to change oil or some other task, not because there’s something wrong with the emissions control systems. At 60,000 miles there’s a fairly comprehensive service scheduled, and this light will remind you to do it.