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2007 Subaru Forester - Swap engine

How difficult would it be to replace a turbocharged engine on a 2007 Subaru Forester and would you advice it? Why? Turbo more expensive and requires more maintence, more things go wrong and they are expensive to fix.

Not sure what you are asking ? Do you have engine problems now or just concerned about the future. This thing is 11 years old and changing engines just to be changing does not sound like a reasonable financial move . It would make more sense to trade for a vehicle newer and equipped the way you want.

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If you HAVE a turbocharged engine and want to swap it for a non-turbo engine. Don’t. It will cost you FAR more than the car is worth to change it over.

I’m with Mustangman. I don’t understand why anyone would swap an engine in a 2007 Forester. Turbocharged Foresters have been built in big numbers and sold new up until this summer. Just get one that doesn’t need an engine. Having owned 4 Subarus including a Forester, if that 12-model year ago car was a normal daily driver it is “fully depreciated” from top to bottom.

im leaning to the remove turbo motor and put in a non turbo sort of question
but, its 11yrs old. 11yrs of service from a turbo motor.
a new rebuilt motor should last 11 more yrs.
if you change your oil every 3-4k miles it might last even longer
but a new motor is XX dollars. and a new turbo is more XX dollars

If you want a non turbo Forrester it would br much easier and cheaper to sell yours and buy a non turbo one.


Concur w/the majority advice above, if you need to replace the engine, replace it with exactly the same one if at all possible. If you swap the turbo for a non-turbo you’ll almost certainly encounter engine computer and probably exhaust system challenges. While you can probably deal with exhaust system problems, the ecu problems are probably a show stopper. Still, such a thing is probably possible with enough time and money. If you can find a Subaru specific forum maybe somebody there has actually done it.

What extra maintenance? The only extra maintenance should be more frequent oil changes which should be done anyway turbocharger or not.

If it’s assumed that you’re wanting to replace a turbo engine with NA engine then don’t. As others have said, just stick with what it was born with.

Car has very low mileage and other than a blown engine it is a perfect car. It is a second car. Worth more if fixed than trade in at the moment. Can you answer my question regarding changing type of engine. I am not a mechanic.

As others have already said, changing engine type can be a huge job, many computer and electrical issues.

You should have mentioned up front that the current engine is blown.

Regardless, I suggest that you stick with the same engine if you replace it.

It is about 10 hours labor for a repair shop to replace the engine. Looks like used turbo engines start at about $3000 for this car, plan on spending about $5000 to replace the engine.