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2007 Saturn Outlook AWD Transmission

This car comes off lease in 4 months and will have 60K miles. I am a little concerned reading some post about Saturn’s transmission problems. Should I just turn this car in or does the 100,000 drive train warranty protect me?

Read the exact details of what is covered by that warranty, and it should answer your question.

Thank you. Also, it seems everyone has the same noise while turning the wheel. It always sounds like it needs power steering fluid but the dealer told me these cars don’t use steering fluid?? He said it is just a common noise in all Saturn Outlooks and Acadia’s?

“the dealer told me these cars don’t use steering fluid??”

That could be correct, if electrically-assisted power steering is used on this model.
Does it have that type of power steering?

With all due respect–you have the Owner’s Manual and the Warranty Booklet for this car, and we don’t.
Don’t you know what type of power steering your vehicle has?
Have you read the list of parts that are covered by the Powertrain Warranty?

The dealer is not correct, that vehicle has traditional power steering, not electric. It’s true that the power steering noise is common, but is most likely due to a spool valve in the steering gear. As far as the transmission, the only real problem with saturn transmissions was the VTI transmission in Vue’s and Ions. There was a class action lawsuit, and now GM pays half of the repair. No regular problems with the outlook drivetrain that i’m aware of.