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2007 Saturn Aura funny idle, power loss

Check engine light flashing, previous code of P0420, panel says service traction and a light with a TC and line through it is on, car idles funny loss of power what’s the problem

Your code indicates a bad oxygen sensor and the light is saying traction control is out. One possibility is a vacuum leak.

P0420 is usually diagnosed as a bad catalytic convertor. In this case, it may be correct. Have the exhaust checked for leaks between the engine and the cat.

The TC is traction control. It may be disabled because of the check engine light. Have the ABS/TCS codes checked as well as the engine codes. Yes the ABS/TCS can post error code, too, but takes a better reader than the cheapies.

A Check Engine light flashing indicates a major misfire.

Don’t ignore this. As it can result in a major repair bill.