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2007 prius with dead 12v and battery pack?

I fear that we left the power button on and walked away from the car for approximately 20 hours. Otherwise, how could the car be doing the following?: 1. push the power button and it lights up only a few lights on the dash, none in the video display box (what’s it called?). 2. When I tried to push the power button and leave the car it would not stop displaying the indicator that it was in park. It beeped when I opened the door, it simply would not give me a blank dash when I was ready to leave the vehicle. 3. Also, one of the times that I tried to do the above it QUICKLY flashed an image of an empty battery pack 4. Locked up the car and had to leave it like that till morning. When I returned, there was absolutely nothing that lit up on the displays and of course no power doors, etc. Try jumping it and still no sounds, lights, readouts, etc. ( yes, I connected it properly and ran the other vehicle at 2000 rpms for 5 minutes ).

TROUBLE IS; I am flat broke, out of work and want to find an alternative to paying for a tow and dealer trouble shooting. Since we are at fault here, won’t we wind up paying for all of this? Any ideas out there?

I know nothing about Priuses (or whatever the term is for more than one Prius), and neither will most of the other folks here – which is probably why you aren’t getting answers. May I suggest, while waiting for someone who actually knows something to come along, you.

  1. Read the owner’s manual. There’s a fair chance it addresses this situation if the problem is caused by something you did rather than a component failure.

  2. Call the dealer. They’d probably help you out over the phone if the problem is one you can fix easily.

  3. Use Google/Bing/Alta Vista et al to track down advice on the Internet.

You can start with this article – These guys are trying to sell you something, but a lot of the stuff in the article sounds to me like you might have a problem other than batteries dead due to user error.

thanks for the quick response! Yes, I have also submitted this question/dilemma to a prius chat forum. The owners manual tells me to tow it to a dealer! I’m about to call the dealership, thanks for the suggestion. They will no doubt want me to bring it in for a diagnostics check, but I will try to pry out some free advice. Have a great day!

Isnt this a waranty issue ?
How many miles on it ?
Just call the dealer and tell them to come and get it under waranty.

If you already haven’t submit, your question to
Someone there will help you.

thank you for your help. Okay, good news! I pulled the battery out and put it on a trickle charger over night. When I called the dealer they told me that the warranty has expired, about a thousand miles ago. I didn’t give them a chance to talk me into a new battery and asked them how often they see prius’ with similar circumstances…they asked if the ‘door open’ light was on lately and then the lightbulb went off! Yes, and I have been meaning to figure out why the trunk sometimes engages all the way and sometimes not. I dug out the culprit; a small stone wedged deep in the mechanism.
ANYWAY- the car starts right up and I shouldn’t have any more problems with it for a good long while. And best part- it was a CHEAP FIX! thank you so much for your help! have a great day.