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2007 Passat Sedan Turbo cam adjuster replacement

I own a 2007 Passat that has been sounding like a diesel since April 2011. Nothing was found until a signal to Stop Engine low oil pressure light came on. After dealership dropped oil pan (particles in oil) and inspected cylinder heads, the engine has been said to be in good condition. When the vehicle was started after tear-down and oil change, the loud sound led to the cam adjuster. Originally, the metal particles and the initial diagnostic led to the assumption that the entire engine would need to be replaced.

It has been explained that this is unusual for a Passat at 84,000 miles. I am looking for input on the reliability of the engine after cam adjuster failure and if other failures can be anticipated after this unusual failure.

Thank you for your input.

If the car has been that noisy for more than a year you need to replace your dealer . It sounds like the adjuster has been failing because of low oil pressure which has been worsening over time . If the dealer used incorrect oil the engine may have serious problems .

By Stop Engine low oil pressure light, do you mean the red NO oil pressure light and how long was the engine running like that?
If so, the engine was damaged goods at that point.

Other questions might be how often do you check the oil level, was the engine oil level low, how often is the oil changed, and are you saying they completely or mostly disassembled the engine?