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2007 Mazda5 No power runs rough

Our 07 Mazda5 (80k) once in a while will start and run very roughly, and pressing the gas to the floor only gets it to 3,000 rpms.
It has diminished power for climbing hills when this occurs. Everytime this happens if we shut the car off and let it sit (between 10 minutes - a couple hours) it starts and runs like a top. We have added drygas 2 of the times, but the last time it happened was on the same tank of gas that we added the drygas to. Check engine light comes on, but will go off after a day or so.
Any help would be appreciated.

Red, Do You Think The Problem Occurs After Rain, Melting Snow, Or A Car Wash ?

See if this sounds like a possibility.

Mazda issued a TSB (technical service bulletin) for 2006 - 2007 Mazda 5 vehicles to help their technicians diagnose intermittent misfire (idle fluctuation/engine vibration). They have found that on some of these cars it’s caused by water settling around the #1 spark plug after it rains or a car wash.

First this condition must be verified by a technician to be sure that is the problem.

Three page TSB # 01-023/07 outlines a fix, including removing the w/wipers, some cowl parts, cowl grille, and weatherstrip. Then 3 new “pads” are installed together with a new “modified” ignition coil (only for #1 cylinder). The bulletin has diagrams and instructions and gives the part numbers of the 4 parts needed.

Mazda was performing this repair under warranty for cars that were still covered.


This is certainly a possibility that I will look into, I’m pretty sure each time it happened was after a snowfall. I would assume a warm or hot engine would eventually evaporate the water, which may explain why it straightens out after waiting a while
Thank You for your help.

@oldred500 the first thing you need to do is get the code read and post it here.
That will allow us to help you more efficiently.

Then he wont need you smh. Db

@placibo If you have something to say, don’t beat around the bush.

Say it.

I’m trying to help the guy.

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